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[Bilingual post] It's been a while: Gmarket order

[EN] I wanted these for God knows how long. They're listed as school supplies and you're supposed to keep pens and what-not in them, but i'm using all three to store make-up products. They're actually pretty big so i could fit in a lot of stuff. Aside from these i also ordered some CDs: one for myself, the other three for some friends. It's more profitable to order in group, because the shipping isn't cheap on Gmarket;  they send their packages through EMS. The good part is that said packages arrive extremely quickly.

[RO] Imi doream aceste cutiute de o groaza de timp. Sunt listate ca rechizite pentru scoala si ar trebui sa-ti tii pixuri etc in ele, dar eu le folosesc sa-mi depozitez o parte din produsele de make-up. Sunt destul de mari asa ca au incaput destule lucruri in ele. Pe langa ele am mai comandat si niste cd-uri: unul pentru mine, celelalte trei pentru prieteni. Este mai profitabil sa comanzi in grup de pe Gmarket deoarce transportul nu este foarte ieftin; trimit pachetele prin serviciul EMS. Partea buna este ca acestea ajung foarte repede la destinatie.

[EN] I added this last to the cart. I thought i could store my brushes in it, but it's too deep and there's also too much space for them, so they're all over the place. Instead i chose to put my most used everyday items in here, for quick access. This was 2$, without the shipping fees of course.

[RO] Acesta cutiuta(?) am adaugat-o pe ultima suta de metri la comanda. Am luat-o pentru a-mi depozita pensulele in ea, insa este prea adanca si prea spatioasa pentru ele. Asa ca am ales sa imi pun aici produsele pe care le folosesc cel mai des zi de zi, pentru a avea acces usor la ele. M-a costat 2$, fara taxele de transport, in mod evident.

[EN] Next is this beautiful storing case in the shape of an apple. Now isn't it the cutest thing ever?? It has 2 compartments: one stores my Sleek palettes that fit just perfectly and inside the other i just put random things like gel eyeliner, creme samples and my ELF Makeup Mist & Set spray (the content is slightly changed now from what you'll see in the pics). This cost me 4$.

[RO] Urmeaza aceasta cutiuta superba in forma de mar. Nu-i asa ca e adorabila? Are 2 compartimente: in unul din ele imi tin paletele Sleek, a caror latime se potriveste perfect cu cea a cutiei, iar in celalalt am aruncat la nimereala gel eyeliner-ul, cateva mostre de crema si spray-ul ELF Makeup Mist & Set (continutul este putin schimbat acum fata de ce veti vedea in fotografiile urmatoare). A costat 4$.

[EN] Last, my favorite.. This box has an open compartment and two tiny drawers. In the bottom one i keep some Mario Badescu samples as they're really small, a pot-type lipgloss and my Stay all day Essence cream eyeshadow. In the upper one i put two blushes and my Elf Eyebrow kit. On top of these drawers are my mini perfumes from Yves Rocher and the 30ml ver. of Moment de Bonheur, while in the open compartment i keep a body lotion that a friend gave me (it's lavender scented and i totally love it), my hand cream and my bifazic make-up remover. This post turned a bit into a storage one which i didn't really intend, but i just wanted to show you that i could fit a lot of things in these three boxes.

[RO] In incheiere, preferata mea.. Aceasta cutie are un compartiment deschis si doua sertarase. In cel de jos tin niste mostre Mario Badescu, deoarece sunt foarte mici, un gloss si fardul crema Essence stay all day. In sertarul de sus am doua blush-uri si kitul de sprancene de la Elf. Deasupra sertarelor mi-am asezat cele trei mini parfumuri de la Yves Rocher + Moment de Bonheur varianta de 30ml, iar in compartimentul deschis am o crema de corp cu lavanda data de o prietena, crema de maini si demachiantul bifazic. Postarea s-a transformat putin in una de tip make-up storage si n-am avut intentia asta, insa am vrut sa va arat ca mi-au incaput destule produse in cele trei cutii.

 [EN] As for the price, this was 6$. You might say i had it really cheap with all three of them costing me only 12$.. but here comes the shipping fee:)).
Gmarket operates a lot like Ebay with the difference that the money you pay for your orders don't go directly to the seller, but instead Gmarket grabs a hold of them until you've confirmed that you received the order safely and sound. Also they're a lot of official shops on GM (be careful, not all of them ship internationally, but you can always find the items you're interested in at other sellers); example: synnara for korean pop music (when i want a cd i usually buy it from them), etude house, peripera, holika holika for korean make-up products etc.
Oh didn't i tell you? Gmarket is a korean site!:) I shop from the english version of course, but that only means that the site's main commands are in english. 99,99% of the time the sellers list all their products in korean. That's the tricky part, because you have to pay close attention to the names written in hangul, in order to make sure you'll buy the right item. But once you'll get used to it, it will actually become fun! Also all the products have lots and lots of pictures, with the name written all over them so it's not so difficult.

This being said let's return to the shipping fee.. Gmarket calculates the delivery cost based on the weight estimated by the sellers. Most of the time it will be greater that the actual weight, but not always. For example, the storage boxes above were estimated to be around 0.2 kilos each. They're made from wood and they're pretty big too. There's no way in hell one will weight just 200g. But initially, Gmarket charged me shipping fees for only 0,6kg. When the products reach GM's warehouse  they'll be weighed for real this time. If their actual weight is less than the one you paid for, they'll refund your money in your Gaccount which is something like a money account you have on Gmarket. Unfortunately you can't add cash to it with a foreigner card or paypal, so in order to use that money you have to wait for it to pill up or just use it to pay additional shipping when needed. Now back to my order.. after they weighed my items, it turned out i had to pay around 11$ as additional shipping fees (my items were 2-2,5 kilos heavier). If the delivery cost for the real weight is greater than the one for the estimated weight with more than 3 000 Won (aprox. 2.5$), then they'll only ship your order after you pay the difference.
After i paid the above mentioned 11$, they sent my order the same day (it was a Saturday) and at 1:20 AM, on Monday, my parcel was already in Romania, at the Otopeni airport. And even though this time i spent more on delivery fees than on the actual items, i'm still super pleased with my order: qualitative products, shipped fast and secured!;)

[RO] Cat despre pret, m-a costat 6$. Ati zice ca am iesit foarte ieftin, cu un total de 12$, dar aici intervin taxele de expediere:)).
Gmarket operaza in multe aspecte ca Ebay, cu diferenta ca banii nu ajung direct la vanzator, ci sunt retinuti de catre GM pana in momentul in care confirmi ca ai primit comanda. In plus exista o groaza de magazine oficiale (atentie, nu toate livreaza international, insa poti oricand sa gasesti produsele care te intereseaza la alt vanzator); ex: synnara pt kpop (atunci cand vreau un cd, mi-l comand de obicei de la ei), etude house, peripera, holika holika pt produse de make-up made in Coreea etc.
Ah, nu v-am spus? Gmarket este un site coreean:). Eu cumpar de pe varianta sa in engleza bineinteles, insa asta inseamana doar ca voi avea comenzile de baza ale site-ului scrise in engleza. 99.99% din vanzatori isi listeaza toate produsele in coreeana. Aici e partea putin mai complicata, pentru ca trebuie sa fi foarte atent la denumirile trecute in hangul ca sa fi sigur ca iti comanzi lucrurile dorite. Dar odata ce te obisnuiesti, devine chiar amuzant! In plus toate produsele au o groaza de poze, cu numele scris pe peste tot:)), deci nu este asa greu.

Acestea fiind zise sa revenim la taxele de expediere.. Gmarket le calculeaza bazandu-se pe greutatea estimata de vanzatori. In majoritatea cazurilor aceasta va fi mai mare decat cea reala, insa nu intodeauna. De exemplu cutiile mele erau estimate la 0,2kg fiecare. Acum.. sunt fabricate din lemn si nici mititele nu prea sunt, deci este imposibil ca una sa aiva 200g. Totusi Gmarket m-a taxat initial doar pentru 0,6kg. Cand produsele ajung la depozitul lor, le vor cantari inainte de a le ambala pe toate intr-o singura cutie. Daca greutatea reala este mai mica ca cea estimata, iti vor returna banii pe care i-ai platit in plus in Gaccount-ul tau. Acesta este un fel de cont bancar pe care il ai pe site. Din pacate nu poti depune bani in el de pe un card de credit strain sau payapal, asa ca pentru a folosi acei bani ori astepti sa se adune, ori platesti transport aditional cu ei, atunci cand este cazul. Sa ne intoarcem la comanda mea insa. Dupa ce mi-au cantarit produsele a reiesit ca trebuie sa platesc aproape 11$ taxa de expediere aditionala (erau mai grele cu 2-2,5kg). Daca costul real al transportului este mai mare cu mai mult de 3 000 woni decat cel estimat, atunci nu iti trimit comanda pana nu platesti diferenta. Dupa ce am efectuat plata, mi-au trimis pachetul in aceeasi zi (sambata), iar luni noapte la ora 1:20 deja ajunsese in Romania, pe Otopeni. Vorba ceea.. dai un ban, dar stai in fata:)). Si chiar daca de data asta transportul m-a costat mai mult decat cat am dat efectiv pe produse, sunt cum nu se poate mai multumita: acestea sunt de o calitate mai bunca chiar decat ma asteptam si au ajuns la mine in doi timpi si trei miscari, ca de obicei.

[EN] I'll throw a pic with the cd too at the end of the post, for the sole reason that it has such a pretty case:)). Man i wrote a lot.. O.o
[RO] Arunc la sfarsit de postare si o poza cu cd-ul, pentru unicul motiv ca are o carcasa foarte frumoasa:)). Wow am scris un intreg roman.. O.o

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